Questions One Might Ask

How do I get started?

You can get started by downloading the TaskFriend app on your iOS or Android device. TaskFriend is an open community: there are no applications, no fees and requires no background check to join our community. You only need a mobile-carrier enabled smartphone with SMS capabilities. (a phone that can receive text messages). Top

How do I sign up my group or organization to raise money?

You can begin the process for your group or organization via our 2 minute SIGN-UP form. There is no charge or obligations associated with a sign-up. This is simply the first step to get your group ready for TaskFriend. If you are serious about your cause and want to SCALE, we offer optional support. We will do the initial legwork to onboard members and provide marketing materials to jump-start your event/campaign. Top

What are the fees with TaskFriend?

The TaskFriend app is free to download.

Our platform charges a 5% transaction fee on all received payments. There are no fees for using the TaskFriend app to pay others or receive payment.

For example: For a $50 task, TaskFriend charges a $2.50 fee and $47.50 is sent directly to the person perofrming the task. The person who requested the task, pays only $50. Top

Is TaskFriend in my area?

TaskFriend is a geocentric app that can be used anywhere in the United States. However, if there are no active users near you, then get busy and GET TaskFriend in your area!

Get your community together and start a fundraiser to be part of achieving something you care about. All it takes is one person to ignite passion within a group. Get started today via our 2 minute SIGN-UP form. It costs nothing and obligates you to the same.

Also, by default, TaskFriend only shows you available tasks up to 50 miles from your location. We designed it this way because TaskFriend brings people together, at the neighborhood level. Top

Who are the Users on TaskFriend?

A TaskFriend is you, your neighbor, a stay-at-home mom or dad, young professionals, students, retirees ... anyone who wants to make a difference in this world and or possibly some cash.

TaskFriend Technologies does not require an identity verification, criminal background check, an application or charge any fees to join our community. Instead, we provide users tools such as profiles, reviews, and completion rates for them to make the best decisions for themselves.

The users on TaskFriend are a group of people with a common set of values and beliefs: When we come together to form a community, there's nothing that can't be done. We're able to create more value by working together than trying to go it alone. Top

Are TaskFriend users your employees?

A TaskFriend user is NOT an employee of TaskFriend Technologies Corp. Rather, they are likely neighbors with day-jobs, but we would call them independent contractors working for the person who requested the task. Every TaskFriend is part of the agreement of how much, when and where they work and how that task is accomplished.

All payments are made through a trusted third party payment system and income received through TaskFriend has no taxes withheld. All income is potentially taxable and reporting is your responsibility. For obvious reasons we do not provide any tax advice. If you have any questions, post a task on TaskFriend to get some accounting help! ... or call your tax person.

Task providers will receive a year-end statement if $20,000 or more is earned. Should this limit be met, a 1099 statement and an earnings summary, generated by our payment processor, will be sent to the address on file. Top

Are services being provided by TaskFriend Technologies Corp?

TaskFriend Technologies Corp does not provide any local services to our users. The TaskFriend app is simply a tool that makes it easier than ever for you to broadcast a message to people nearby that you're willing to spend money to get something done.

The services that may be provided to you are from other people in your neighborhood that act as independent contractors. You must do your own due diligence before hiring someone to do a task. Top

Are there any fees for canceling or rescheduling?

There are no fees for canceling or rescheduling your task. You must work out any cancelations, rescheduling, or conflicts with the other party and reach a mutual agreement. If the task has already been assigned and either party decides to Withdraw, the Completion Rate for both will score some negative points. Same as in life, it's always good to maintain a high completion rate as that boosts your community credibility making future transactions better for all.

Only when both parties agree that the task has been completed will the funds be released. Top

Are volunteers verified representatives of each organization?

A person fundraising for an organization may or may not be a verified member or representative of that organization. On the TaskFriend app, as long as the user has the Organization Code, the user is able to direct payment to that cause. However, they may be giving to the organization because they are just a good samaritan who cares about that cause.

Verified members will have a check mark next to the organization name in their profiles. Top

How can we use TaskFriend for booster club projects?

As long as your booster club has a checking account, then we can help you get started today. We have a specific set of steps we will share with you. If you would like us to be more hands-on to help, we offer that too.

Either way, get started today via our 2 minute SIGN-UP form. It costs nothing and obligates you to the same. Top

How would a task be setup for a pay by hour basis?

If you want to pay by the hour, you can easily do that by indicating your total budget and then include the time reference in the task details. Example: Your task title might be: Need mulch spread for $60 If you want to pay $20/hr, then your task description might be: This is a full cubic yard of mulch and it will take about 3 hours to complete. If they properly finish the task in less time, they should still get the $60. Conversely, if they toil more than the 3 hour estimate, they still only get the $60. Some people work faster than others. The bottom line should be that whatever task is completed, it's done with sufficient quality. Top

What if a task is larger than expected?

Let's say someone needs a pile of rocks moved and their offer for $75 is accepted. Now, along comes the worker and the pile of rocks is twice as large as expected. No problem. This is where two parties come together and negotiate an equitable resolution. Options: 1) The worker can cancel the task or 2) If the pile is 2x larger than expected, then move 1/2 of the rocks. But the point is that TaskFriend helps get the conversation started. We never want to be the referee when expectations don't line-up. This is why it's a good idea to include images of what the task entails. Being able to ask questions before making an offer should mostly eliminate unpleasant surprises. Top

Can you add a tip to reward them for a job well done?

If someone does a great job, the best tip is a strong rating as that will help the person secure more business via the app. However, if you want to give the person some cash or check when the job is done, that's fine! We never will try to keep two people from coming together. But, if you want to add the tip to the task within TaskFriend, that's not possible. But if the service was stellar, offer them another task and add the tip then. Top

I am not comfortable paying with a credit card. Can I use PayPal?

Currently we support debit and credit cards however we plan to offer other gateways soon.

I have a flip phone. Can tasks be entered on a web page instead of the app?

We are a concierge service meaning that members of organizations can call us on the phone and we could enter the task for them. However, there is more to a TaskFriend transaction than just entering the task. The person who wants the work done, may need to respond to questions from others who are interested in doing the task. Also, as offers are made, someone will need to go through the list and make the selection based on what each offer contains. So while we can help getting a task entered, someone will still need to use the app to complete the transaction. So if you are attached to your flip phone, then sadly, TaskFriend isn't for you. Top

Does TaskFriend carry insurance for their workers?

NO! TaskFriend has no relationship with those doing tasks. Our only role is to match someone in need with someone who is willing to help. When a new group is launched, the organization promotes TaskFriend within their group. Now when you need something done, you post it and someone within your trusted group can reply. You alone are responsible for accepting the offer. If you only want to offer tasks to those in your group, that's fine. To mitigate risk, we do not recommend TaskFriend for ALL chores. Tasks that involve chainsaws, blow torches or wrecking balls are not well suited for our platform -- but that doesn't mean you can't make the request. Top

Get started today via our 2 minute SIGN-UP form. It costs nothing and obligates you to the same.

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